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Plenæ was created to disseminate healthy life habits and practices to promote a longer and better quality of life for all people.

It’s the meaning we give for being in this life.
It provides sense and direction to our existence.

If life is a road, a path, the body is the means of transportation, the vehicle that allows us to travel along it

Understanding how the mind functions and adapts is essential for healthy longevity.

The relationships we create are vital factors, and of huge repercussion, to our longevity.

The spiritual perspective on life is experienced by each one in their own individuality.

The contexts (environmental, financial and educational) in which we live directly affect our longevity.

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Explore the pillars integration

About Plenæ

Plenae; that which is full, a condition of being full or complete.

We are living a singular moment in the history of humanity. Life expectancy has never been higher on the planet. Longevity has become an important element in most people’s choices. This possibility is new and brings with it a more long-lasting and wider path to express our subjective dimension. In the past, our main concern was with immediate survival and an early finitude was expected, and frequently even in infancy.

Based on these certainties, the new issue now is “aging well”. And together with it comes two key questions:



We, at Plenae, are making our own contributions to help the greatest number of people make choices that support a long and healthy life. We wish to cooperate with the global wisdom on healthy aging and present, through our platform, important information, projects, individuals and organizations that are making a difference in our understanding of longevity.


In order to achieve our objectives, we adopted an integral approach that explores in a multidisciplinary and integrated manner how six areas of knowledge – comprising the latest and most revolutionary aspects in science and most efficient experiential practices – jointly contribute to the construction of a vision and awareness that makes living a long and meaningful life possible for each one of us.

In order to broaden perspectives and promote a complete evolutionary process, we explore six areas of knowledge and practices (or Pillars, as we like to call them):

Body, Mind, relationships, Spirit, Context and Life Purpose

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