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98-year-old American, Leo Kellner, found a new purpose in life. He spends his days preparing and making cakes and pies to then distribute among friends, sick people or anyone who can’t get a good meal in Hastings, Nebraska. It all started when, at age 92, he retired and his 72-year-old wife Madelon died.

“I needed to do something,” he said to PBS television reporter Dennis Kellogg. The activity helped the baker overcome the days that became twice as empty. “During World War II, my mom cooked whatever there was. We were poor. I know the happiness that my desserts can represent in the lives of some people.”

Establishing a new purpose (cooking) can be the reason why Kellner continues healthy and active. Researchers have shown that the feeling provided by having an objective in life is associated to a lower risk of stroke, dementia and other debilitating conditions.

Watch Kellner’s story in the PBS NewsHour video below: