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Abilio Diniz, 81, took the stage of the regional TEDxSãoPaulo event (a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting inspiring ideas worldwide) in May 2018 to talk about his main life experiences. In his presentation, Abilio said that physical activity, healthy eating, stress control, self-awareness, spirituality, faith, significant relationships and purpose are the pillars that have guided him to this day and make him want to share his knowledge and experiences with everyone.

And based by these pillars is how Abilio came up with the Plenae idea, a digital platform full of content, proposals and experiences to help people change habits and achieve a longer, more fulfilling life.

In addition to founding Plenae, Abilio is Chairman of the Board of Península Participações, the investment firm of his family, and board member of Grupo Carrefour and Carrefour Brazil.