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A new virtual tool is being introduced that can help many people change their habits. Research methods used in psychology to understand the main personality traits, psychometrics is the foundation of US researcher John Galen Buckwalter’s work, who is developing a metric to be used at scale.

The idea can help lots of people get out of vicious cycles. “For example, there are many checking account holders who struggle to keep their bank account out of the red. On the other hand, credit card companies, with this information in hand, can learn to detect prejudicial and cascading behaviors, and act proactively to avoid debts that lead to default,” he says.

Buckwalter is the main developer of the matching algorithm for the most reliable relationship website in the United States, eHarmony. He also heads the technology area at psyML, a company that grew out of the need to understand the relationship of people in social networks. “The possibility of having an online psychometric process is what will guarantee its use at scale. It will be a gift to psychologists.”

Watch the full interview (in English, with option for automatic subtitles in Portuguese) to find out more about psychometrics, its current and future applications in technology and how the pioneer of online dating met his wife. Click here for the original article.