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We know about the importance of offering our readers simple and powerful practices that are based on scientific research. The objective is to directly collaborate to their longevity and well-being. There are many things within each Pillar that we can do to take over our own longevity. Here is one of the simple change of habit practices – from the Body Pillar – that has well-documented scientific benefits associated to longevity:

Eating fish on a regular basis provides high levels of omega-3 in the blood.

A recent study provided a convincing argument that demonstrated the relationship between omega-3 levels in the blood and longevity. Results of the study showed that “those who had the highest levels of omega-3 in the blood lived, on average, 2.2 years more than those with lower levels”. Attention: the participants obtained their omega-3 from fresh fish – and NOT from supplements. Even so, there are any authors who continue incentivizing the use of pills, in view that many branches underscore other health benefits.