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Having the habit of walking in the park and getting out of town in the weekend are activities proven to be beneficial to human beings. Researchers Colin Capaldi, Raelyne Dopko and John Zelenski, from the Psychology Department of the Carleton University, in Canada, suggest that contact with nature improves cognition, humor and results in overall better health. In summary, the individual feels happier.
The stronger the connection with the outdoors, according to them, the better their state of happiness. Among the positive and common sensations reported is an increase in vitality, followed by affection and satisfaction with life. Variation in average age and gender among the group of people analyzed did not imply in significant differences in the results.

Personality maximizes the effects. The researchers noticed that the increase in cognition and affection is greater among people that said they enjoyed being in touch with the outdoors. Those who feel connected with nature are happier, regardless of how much they experience the outdoors. Thus, the study highlights the importance of personality analysis while examining the psychological effects. Feeling connected with nature and happy are akin sensations, and one nurtures the other. In other words: getting out of town to breathe some fresh air is even more important for those who have no affinity whatsoever with nature.

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