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Since childhood I have always loved football. At 12, I was short and fat, the opposite of the ideal athletic type, and was the target of colleagues who did not economize in bullying – today a behavior looked down on in schools, but at that time was considered normal. My only way out of being bullied – and cease both suffering and mockery – was to start learning boxing and other martial arts. Surprisingly, the sport began giving me more and more pleasure. Actually, I got a taste for physical activity and started practicing other modalities. I felt good – either by endorphins at the end of training or by the satisfaction of achieving my goals. I gained more strength, determination and the will to win.

I’ve always trained a lot to achieve my goals. I participated in big marathons, triathlons, equestrian polo competitions, squash, tennis … But I think here is worth pondering. Anyone who has read my second book, “New Paths, New Choices”, launched in 2016 by Editora Objetiva, knows that I do not believe in “high-resistance sports” as an ideal recipe for those who want to live an extremely healthy life. To participate in a marathon means to run 42 kilometers. It wears the body out a lot. I’m not saying that I regret my choices. It would not do less sport. I Would do it all again. But my advice to all amateur athletes is that they choose less intense activities.

Today, at the age of 81, I continue to practice sport regularly with the goal of living more and with a high quality of life. I am talking about longevity with health. To combat the natural loss of muscle mass caused by age, I do bodybuilding – which is also a good way to protect my joints from injury and improve the performance of the aerobic activities I do. Running, walking and cycling as well as boxing and squash are great ways to keep ones cardiovascular system working properly. This combination of exercises returns the strength and balance to the organism and I believe indispensable for everyone, but especially for those who want to stay productive and happy for much longer.