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More than 100 studies suggest that praying regularly, meditating, and connecting with the religious community can significantly improve body health. “All health aspects are related to religious devotion,” says Harold Koenig, director of Duke University’s Spirituality Center. “The religion adopted is less important than the size of the religious practice during life.”

Discover the seven positive changes possible:

  1. Lowers blood pressure; increases immunological functions.

  2. Improves sleep and accelerates disease recovery.

  3. Reduces the chances of cardiac illnesses.

  4. Reduces the risks of developing cancer.

  5. Can thicken the cerebral cortex, making it more apt to defend against oppression, as revealed in a Columbia University study in 2013.

  6. Reduces the chances of becoming a smoker by 29%. Tobacco is the main cause of avoidable death

  7. Lowers alcoholism likelihood by 45% – is the third main cause of avoidable death, according to research by Koenig and Disease Control and Prevention Centers.

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