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If longevity is an important matter for you, then stop and think about your purpose in life. Don’t have one? Then perhaps it would be better to find one. In a five-year study of older adults, those who lived a goal-driven life were 57% less likely to die than those who didn’t have much direction or purpose.

How a purpose protects

Are you making plans for the future? Is there something that you are actively trying to achieve? A resounding yes to these questions could mean you get more time on Earth. Having a purpose in life was so helpful in a study that it even appeared to improve the longevity of people with depression, disabilities, chronic medical conditions, or financial difficulties. (Discover a happier and healthier world with some of these simple strategies by clicking here.)

Tools for a longer life

Having a purpose in life can boost your emotional well-being, which, in turn, may lower the risk for chronic disease. Stay young, active and driven with these additional live-longer habits:

    1. Do exams periodically. There are indicators that help control health risks. Examples include indicators of waistline circumference, blood sugar and cholesterol, according to US cardiologist Theodore Feldman. ( Check your figures periodically.

    2. Stand up! Sitting all day may take a bite out of your personal timeline. Do exercise.;

    3. Slack off. You might live longer if you indulge a few frivolous whims and have fun. We’re talking about spending a day at the beach, going to the movies, doing any activity that gets you out of your routine and gives you pleasure.

    4. Load up. Foods high in vitamin C and E may lengthen your life.

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