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  1. Take a stroll: walking is one of the best exercises and an excellent reliever of stress and an excellent stimulus of humor.

  2. Breathe slowly for at least three minutes every time you are tired, irritated, stressed, anxious or unhappy.

  3. Changes in the day-to-day: make a conscious choice to change your habits. Even changing the place where you sit is valid. The world will seem different.

  4. Thank for the here and now. Happiness is to look at the same things with different eyes. Life only happens here – at this exact moment. Tomorrow and yesterday are nothing more than thoughts. So, give it your best.

  5. Define your moments of attention. Choose a few common activities in your daily life that you can transform into “moments of mindfulness”, that is, reminders to stop and pay attention to things in detail. It can be a cup, for example, at dinnertime.

  6. Meditate with sounds – because they are just as convincing, immaterial and open to interpretation as thoughts. Once you notice this, much of your stress will simply evaporate before your eyes.

  7. Go to the movies. Ask someone to accompany you and choose the film only when you get there. Many times, what makes us happier in life is the unexpected – the casual encounter or the unexpected event.

Source: Inspired by the book Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World, by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.