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The frenetic and stressful pace of 21st-century cities causes many people to have little contact with nature. To achieve longevity with vitality, it’s important to reconnect with nature. No pills, potions, killer gym classes or gluten-free food product will ever achieve what living a holistic natural existence can produce. Provided below are a few rules of the road as you begin to reintegrate with Mother Nature’s master plan for longevity:

  1. Ecosystem. Stop fantasizing that there’s one secret to a long and vibrant life. It’s not just lucky genes, the water, close social networks, whole foods cooked at home, regular physical activity, a strong faith or living in a more natural environment. It’s the entire ecosystem. Extracting one or two of these elements and crowbar them into a frenetic 21st-century lifestyle will never yield high quality longevity. Create your own ecosystem using modern life resources.

  2. Harmony with nature. Many centenarians live a life in harmony with nature’s rhythms. Create your own natural mind-body-spirit ecosystem by incorporating the following:

    • Nature mind: Everything in nature is dictated by a life purpose. Natural processes are practical and filled with purpose, from the birth of a child to the opening of an orchid blossom. Having a life purpose gives meaning for awakening every morning and living with pleasure, energy and happiness.

    • Nature nutrition: Prefer natural foods. Are you dying of hunger and with no time, but want a delicious natural meal? No problem. Thankfully, there are now places to score fast healthy natural food.

    • Connection with nature: Science shows how healing it can be to connect with nature. Get outdoors and spend as much time in nature as possible. It’s as simple as that walk in the park. Pair this with your usual workouts.

    • Nature environment: strive to live as close to nature as possible. If you don’t live in the country, plant a community garden, for example, or grow herbs in the kitchen. Get out to natural settings on weekends or vacations. Hiking is a humbling eye-opener to nature’s grandeur.

  3. Quality of life is fundamental. A recent study comparing the lowest socioeconomic groups in the US and Costa Rica found that mortality for heart disease for men is 54% higher and for women it’s 12% higher in the US than in Costa Rica. The result has much to do with the American diet of processed foods and other diseases like obesity, hypertension, smoking, urban stress, mental health conditions, sleep deprivation and sedentary lifestyle.

  4. Live a long and vibrant life and then die quickly. This is the destiny that everybody wants. Nature gives, and it takes away. Life is good until it’s not, and we want the first phase to be long and rich, and the last to be short-lived.

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