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There are many practices offered by studios for altering the state of consciousness, such as transcendental meditation, mindfulness training and relaxation. In general, the choice is made given the affinity that the potential student has with the activity. But now, science offers another element for people to choose better.

Scientific tests conducted by the Psychology Department at Maharishi University of Management, in the United States, show that transcendental meditation provides more health benefits, followed by mindfulness training and, lastly, relaxation.

The research investigated how much change in the consciousness state of elderly individuals, through specific mental techniques, affects human life extension and the occurrence of health-related pathologies. 73 residents from eight homes for the elderly, with an average age of 81, were selected and randomly distributed into four groups. The first group did not receive treatment. The second participated in a transcendental meditation program; the third received mindfulness training and the fourth relaxation.

The indicators used for the assessment were learning, cognitive flexibility measurements, mental health, systolic blood pressure, and ratings of behavioral flexibility, aging and treatment efficacy. The meditation and mindfulness training participants obtained the best results. After three years, the benefits were confirmed: the survival rate was 100% for transcendental meditation and 87.5% for mindfulness training in contrast to lower rates for other groups.

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