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Fame and fortune tend to be the most frequent answers to the above question. The Study of Developing Adults, conducted by Harvard University, tracked the life of 724 men for 75 years. Of this total, 60 survived, still participate in the study and are in their 90s. The conclusion of the study is that good relationships make people happier and healthier.

The researchers, who changed over the decades, followed two groups of people that were interviewed every two years: the first, of Harvard University students that graduated during World War II, and the second of poor kids from Boston. “The lives of these men followed all sorts of paths,” says psychoanalyst Robert Waldinger, current director of the study.” One became president. But there were those who became attorneys, worked in factories, became alcoholics, schizophrenics, among other destinies.

In this TEDxBeaconStreet talk from 2015, with more than 16.5 million views already, Robert Waldinger shares three important lessons, as well as a few old and wise practices on how to build a long and happy life.