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One of the main villains of longevity is isolation from modern man. This is the conclusion of psychologist Amy Yotopoulos, Director of the Mind Division at Stanford Center on Longevity. With more than a decade of experience in mind aging research, the specialist shared the importance of social bonds at a TEDx Talks in July 2017. Definitely worth watching.

The feeling of not belonging to a group is responsible for 29% of coronary disease, 60% of dementia, 32% of strokes and 26% of death cases. It can surface in people who waive a social life in detriment of work, for example. Or, according to Amy, and individuals that may even attend social commitments, but are never able to truly connect with the group.

Amy gives three recommendations to live a long healthy and gratifying life:

  1. Choose social relations in a very personal matter. Build your circle of friends, learn with it and practice a social life.

  2. Prioritize on your daily agenda time to spend with friends.

  3. Choose friends for the quality of the relationships – think of people you can count on, that motivate a social life and that are participative – and not on quantity.