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If You Want to be Happy, Have a Life Purpose

Having a purpose in life is the fruit of deep reflection on what we are doing in this world, in this life. It is to question what each of us proposes to him or herself. No matter where I came from, where do I want to go? What do I want to leave behind be when it’s all over? What will remain of me when I am no longer here? What would I like to remain in the world beyond me? What do you want to be? Strong, powerful, admired? Who are you? This question is very important. It is through it that we can discover our uniqueness, who we are, with all the good and all the bad that is inherent in us all.

They say that anyone is replaceable. I do not believe this. After all, who replaced Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart? No one. Each of them was unique. Just as each of us is also unique. Realizing that we are unique entails an even greater responsibility for what impressions we will leave in our lives, in the people around us, and on the world.

When you have in mind that you are unique, you do not compare yourself to another person. You know you have to be the best possible person. So, in my view, having a purpose is an ongoing process. It has no end. It is a daily and uninterrupted search, because you are evolving and trying to do better every moment, always, with strength and determination.

The feeling of happiness is an indication that you are living your purpose. By following my true goals and objectives, I naturally feel fulfilled and happy most of the time. If you do not feel this way, it is because there is something wrong with what you have put in or understood as important in your life. Take a step back and reflect on what you really want to leave as a mark for your journey through the world, and then move on again.

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