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Self-Awareness is the Key to Choosing Wisely

I have long been advocating the importance of self-awareness as a liberating process. I am referring to being aware of the reason for one’s own behavior, actions, decisions and the way one places oneself in life. This is the way to have control over the choices and paths to be taken.

People cannot lead life by chance, leaving it under the command their impulses. I usually say that it is important to investigate, look inside and ask, “who am I?”, “Who is in there?”, “Who is in charge and why?”.

It is essential to understand the reason for one’s own reactions – to discover the reason for things that arouse feelings of happiness, revolt and sadness. “Why did I let that happen?”

I’m not telling anyone to go crazy on existential issues. Much less in not to seize the moment then to try and understand it. On the other hand, the questions, although exhaustive, are very important for self-awareness.

Those who know themselves are more likely to understand not only their own attitudes but also those of others. One can maintain better interpersonal relationships. I think that’s fundamental. I grew a lot with self-awareness. I started to do analysis early, at 29, and it has always been very important in my career.

To this day I do analysis. Talking with my analyst every week is a way to take a few moments to supervise myself, a real exercise in reflection. This was the way I discovered and began to know who I am and how things are inside of me.

It is not mandatory to do analysis with a therapist. That was the way I met myself. There are other ways. No matter what path you choose to get there, as long as it arrives.

Do not complicate matters. If you have never analyzed yourself because you say you do not have the time, start now. It is a simple process, which only requires persistence. Find an time in the day to analyze your actions, especially those that are distant from the common pattern of your personality. This is one of the ways for self-analysis. I guarantee it will make a difference in your life, as it did in mine.

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