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Sleep Quality Improves Performance

Some people think that sleeping is a waste of time. A healthy life depends on sleep, a fundamental time for the body to recover. Those who sleep well will certainly have better performance during the day. Science has discovered that a good night’s sleep supports physical performance, ideas, interpersonal relationships and can further help lead a more awakened life in every sense of the word. Sleep is very necessary.

As I learned from Professor Russell Foster in a lecture, we perform a variety of activities throughout our lives. We spend 16% of the time working, 11% eating and drinking, 11% watching television, 19% doing various activities such as payments and purchases, and 36% sleeping. At the end of our day, the task that will have most consumed our hours of life, curiously, is sleep. But it is not a question of quantity but also of the quality of that rest.

Often people go to bed holding hands with all their worries of life or work. Who has never gone through this? Failing to get to sleep or even to wake up in the middle of the night is exhausting. I have a method that works very well for me. If I wake up at dawn, agitated, with some disturbing thought, that do not let me sleep anymore, I do not fight with sleep. I turn on the light, I breathe, and I wait for my mind to calm down. If I remain too obsessed with the problem, I pick up a sheet of paper and start writing about what disturbs me. I jot down everything. Then I go back to bed and try to sleep. I usually fall asleep. And in the light of day, I always see that reality is not as hard as I reported during a sleepless night. But, fortunately, in the present day, this does not happen to me anymore. Today I am much calmer and calmer than I have been in other times of my life.

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